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Educational License Application

Does your school meet our qualifications for a free Educational License? Submit your application below!
cPanel maintains a policy of validating each educational license manually. If the Customer Service team is unable to validate that you are an authorized faculty contact for the educational organization in question they will be unable to provide a license.

Types of validation
  • Email address that includes your name and educational domain name.
  • Photo Identification faxed or emailed.
  • Direct phone call to public phone number.
  • IP Address validation via (or other IP register) and confirmation from listed admin contact.
  • Faculty ID
Once we receive your application, the cPanel team will be in touch with you to complete the process. Please be prepared to submit a copy of your faculty ID. Educational licenses are not available to students, alumni, or any other affiliates of educational institutions. The Educational license requires an activation fee of $30 per license. cPanel reserves the right to review and approve/deny requests for any reason.